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Who We Are

The people behind BigFilter.ai
Who We Are
Photo by Tobias Mrzyk / Unsplash

Zak Greant, CEO

  • Startup executive with background in dev, marketing, and tech evangelism
  • Working with OSS startups & non-profits since 1999 (PHP, MySQL, FSF, OSI, Mozilla Foundation, ActiveState)
  • Worked on the Mozilla Manifesto, GPL v3, and the MySQL FLOSS Exception

Steven Gustafson, Chief Scientist

  • A decade of work in AI/ML R&D (GE)
  • A decade of working on AI startups (MAANA, Pontoro, Noonum)
  • PhD in CS & AI
  • 10+ patents; 50+ publications

Alexis Campailla, Chairman

  • Entrepreneur and computer scientist
  • Janea Systems founder. Former Node.js core team member
  • Ported Node.js & Redis to Windows

Janea Systems

  • Software engineering consultancy for the Fortune 500
  • Customers include ARM, Microsoft, and Merck
  • Providing pre-seed funding and developer support